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Guida alla Val di Fassa

L'ambient te man - The environment in hand


L'ambient te man (the environment in hand) is an environmental communication project dedicated to the people of the Fassa valley. It is focused on the link between local awareness (know where you are) and environmental global value (know what is worth).

The Fassa valley in seven words

Seven words to learn about the villages in the Fassa valley, seven topics to understand the value of the environment, seven clips to 'hold in the hand'.

Each of the seven municipalities of the valley is linked to a key word that represents a characteristic of the Fassa valley and simultaneously recalls one of the key benefits that the mountain environment provides to human life (the so-called ecosystem services). Each theme is narrated in a text and developed by means of the images of a video clip (connected to a qr code for mobile devices).

All together, the themes connect in a unitary course the most representative environmental values of the valley and so sketch the full image of it.

Individually considered, they narrate values of global interest in a local way.

Meadows and biodiversity

The Avisio River and water

Ladin language and identity

The Dolomites World Heritage

Forests and fresh air

People and culture

Marmolada and climate change