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Guida alla Val di Fassa


The Avisio River and water

Water created the valley as we know it today. From the plateaus of the valley floor, the result of alluvial deposits of the Avisio River, lateral and lesser valleys are the result of a slow, steady erosion that has modeled the slopes, shaped the rocks, and hollowed out the ravines that distinguish the landscape of the Fassa valley. Ice and snow have formed huge amphitheatres, wide circuses and impressive gorges, carving the hard dolomitic rock like an eccentric artist. When the ice retreated, pools of water, glacial lakes and small ephemeral mirrors gave life to some of the most fascinating characters in Ladin mythology: Anguanes, Ganes and Vivenes.

The names of the main streams show how much water has distinguished the valley from the most ancient times: Avisio comes from the Gaulish word 'ab' (= water) and Duron is derived from the Celtic word 'dur' (= water). Water is also the origin of many place names in the valley: Canazei/Cianacei (= reed bed), Fontanazzo/Fontanac (= large spring), Pozza/Poza (= pond), Soraga (= above water), Moena (= moist soil, swamp). It can even be found in many family names such as Dallapozza (= from the pond), Soraruf (= over the creek).