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Forests and fresh air

20 million individuals; more than 2,000 for every resident of the Fassa valley!

This is the number of adult trees that inhabit the valley, protecting it from erosion and clothing its slopes. They are almost exclusively coniferous: Norway spruce for the most part (80%), but also larch (15%), Swiss pine (3%) and Scots pine (2%). Together they form forests that cover about 11,000 hectares and account for over two-thirds of the cultivated area. Suffice it to say that only the highest altitudes are left to free natural evolution, while more than 70% of the forested areas is cultivated with techniques to strengthen its environmental and ecological significance.

The use of woodland has in fact been practiced since ancient times and is testimony to the existence of an advanced and complex social organisation that lived in harmony with nature in the valley. The echoes of this archaic era reach us through myths, rituals and ceremonies that permeate the Ladin culture. Even today, in the Fassa valley is celebrated the 'Regalia', a ceremony that consist of putting a fir tree on the roof of a new home as a thanksgiving for having completed construction work.